Saturday, September 3, 2011

Yawning, Gaping, Cavernous Fridge o' Mine

New concoctions and foodie gloriousness have not been a feature in my life the last few weeks. When times are lean, the pantry yawns hungrily. Add to that, a caring husband whose idea of deliciousness results in his shopping for the following fridge-fillers: dry, tough chicken schnitzels, the cheapest cheddar cheese, one type of fruit for the entire week, peanut butter, tin cans of plasticky tomato soup. You get the picture (*sigh*). The poor man leaps at the chance to do the weekly shop - and when I'm exhausted from being a one-woman toddler jungle-gym/slide/restaurant/cuddle-centre, it is so much easier to smile in a relieved 'thank you'. And yet, 3 severe drawbacks: my widening waist, rising cholesterol and - my pathetically bored and neglected inner-chef!
Anyway - booooooring! Below are two links to my previously documented recipes that indicate my long-hankered-after dream to write a glossy, gorgeously visual recipe book overflowing with magical, decadent recipes!

My Impromptu Dinner-Jol Ice-Cream Experiment: Jacky D Ice-Cream

The (Embarrassingly!) First Fish Dish I Ever Attempted (and LOVED!) : Sexy Smoked Salmon Pasta

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