Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Culinary C*ck-up...

Three 'vrot' bananas and one ravenous toddler ---- and a mother with a problem: she's not into weighing and measuring in the kitchen. So, despite the glories of recipe books where dishes have been tried and tested and tasted by actual experts, this mommy decides to do her usual thang: fly by night/al fresco/c'est la vie etc. That is, 'I'm such a fabulous cook that recipe measurements are for sissies with no gastronomic intuition or foodie flair!' (*snort*)

Jamaican Banana Fritters? You MUST measure and weigh. Even if it means they will only be ready by tonight, or else you will end up like moi --- humiliated, scandalised... And hungry.

My initial mixture had too much banana and not enough flour, so the fritters burnt frighteningly fast into floppy, black sweet smooshes. And then, to remedy the smooshiness, I sieved in more and more and more and more flour. Result? Rubbery, bland things I was tempted to turn into flip-flops... Layla, however, saved my wannabe-chef-ego: she's gobbled them all up. And asking for more!

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