Monday, July 9, 2012

Allium Sativum Ad Nauseum Etcetera Etcetera

Garlic. When I do eventually get round to writing my recipe book, it will just HAVE to be titled, 'Garlic' --- though quite how this will be translated into the dessert section still eludes me...
Tonight, I am cooking Supper Pour Moi Seulement. (Supper For Me All On My Ownsome.) But - rather happily, mind you. Because........ (*great smacking of lips/salivating*) I have used no less than SEVEN quite giantesque cloves of garlic. Yebo. Heavenly, eh?
Supper is:
1. Delicate mountains of garlic bathed till golden in olive oil over blue-moon gas flame.
2. Mushrooms, chopped in my apparently trademark 'chic carelessness'.
3. Milk - reduced lovingly to a cream.
4. Salt and pepper, of course.
5. Gnocchi boiling to its comfort-food tenderness.
6. And, the single mother's dash of economical flair: thin slices of extremely yummy cocktail 'sossies' originally bought for Layla.

And so, I sit myself down, glass of Audacia's 'Rouge Noble' to stir the dreams for slumber and my little feast-for-one.

Bon appetito!

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