Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sweet Song of the Supermarket-Till Siren

There is something to be said for Sweetie Pies. Do they ever lose their gooey, magical charm? My long-pondered verdict? Nope. Never. Never, ever, ever!

Just look at my own sweetie-pie in this photo. The sheer delight painted in sticky marshmallowy smiles all over her face says it all: Sweetie Pies rock. Big time! Layla has inherited her Grampi's sweet tooth, but with a twist of sophistication: she turns her nose up at the usual kids' confectionary fare of rainbow jelly-tots, jelly beans and jelly-babies --- opting instead for Lindt dark chocolate, Marcel's English Toffee frozen yoghurt and halva ice-cream! (And, with great culinary flair, she prefers crabstick salad, kalamata olives and camembert to burgers and hot dogs! Is there a mini-Nigella lurking inside that sweetie pie of mine?)

Anyway - back to the Sweetie Pie phenomenon. After witnessing Layla's ooh-and-aah-accompanied decimation of said Sweetie Pie, I've been toying with the idea of creating a series of Sweetie Pie desserts and tea-time confections. Each time, however, the glamorously humble Sweetie Pie triumphs, making each idea of mine utterly obsolete. I give up! (*happy sigh*)

So next time you're at the till, waiting to pay, simply succumb to the goo and glory of that Sweetie Pie that has your name written all over it! I know I will. (Big thanks to my little gastronaut for reminding me that it's the tiny pleasures in life that fill that secret pocket of joy in your heart! That pocket of joy from which spring smiles at strangers, random acts of kindness, stopping to smell a wildflower growing on the pavement -- and picking it to put in your hair or give to someone who needs a dose of compassion and hope! Hmmm... Just had an even better idea: keep a few Sweetie Pies in your bag or car, and hand out at happy random!)

Au revoir, all x

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