Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vitamin Veg!

Yebo. The ol' battle between nutrition and child has arrived at my front door -- but thankfully with very little vengeance or veggie venom!

However... Vitamins exist for a reason. And that reason is unavoidably critical to the well-being and general health of my child. Hence, my frantic Googling of child-luring veggie recipes tonight!! Before, Layla was a regular muncher of cherry tomatoes, avo, cucumber, (raw!) aubergines and ... kalamata olives. (She once threw open the fridge door, age 22 months, requesting olives for breakfast. 12 olives later, and she was as ready for the day as I am after my first cuppa! Another time, at the same age, she sat on the kitchen counter while I shimmied up a summer salad, and - snacking on avo - announced, in no uncertain terms and with great culinary flair, 'Fantastic!' The first time I'd ever heard her use this um... fantastic descriptor!)

Supper tonight, vitamin/fibre-boosted and elegantly yummy: oodles of garlic turned soft and golden in olive oil, then - softly boiled cauliflower is added and 'smooshed' (i.e. unless you have a blender/whizzer) till smooth. Add milk, Ina Paarman's potato seasoning (Layla's seasoning of choice) and some grated cheddar. Reduce till creamy. Add pasta or noodles! Layla gobbled it up with relentless and gullible enthusiasm! Yeeeeeha! Another vitaminny victory!

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